Colorimetric Assessment of Nanoparticles

Archived Research

Nanoparticles (NPs) has immense potential for improving human welfare and can be found in a wide range of commercial products. However, there is a lack of knowledge concerning the environmental fate and transport of NPs that are partly due to the absence of sensitive, simple, and affordable methodologies for their detection and characterization in complex samples. At Posner Research Group, we employ the surface catalytic properties of NPs, as a key surrogate approach, to provide a sensitive and simple colorimetric detection assay that screen for the presence or absence of a wide range metal and oxide NPs in in biological and environmental relevant samples.Representative Publications

1. C.Corredor, M. Borysiak, J. Wolfer, P. Westerhoff, and J.D. Posner. Colorimetric Detection of Catalytic Reactivity of Nanoparticles in Complex Matrices, Environmental Science and Technology.

2. D.Speed, P. Westerhoff, R. Sierra, R. Draper, P. Pantano, C.Corredor, J.D. Posner. Physical, Chemical, and In Vitro Toxicological Characterization of Nanoparticles in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Suspensions Used in the Semiconductor Industry: Towards Environmental Health and Safety Assessments, Environmental Science: Nano.

3. L. Gilbertson, Z. Fishman, F. Perreault, C. Corredor, J.D. Posner, M. Elimelech, L. Pfefferle, and J. Zimmerman,Shape-Dependent Surface Reactivity and Antimicrobial Activity of Nano-Cupric Oxide, Environmental Science and Technology.

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