Our paper describing the REverSe TRanscrIptase Chain Termination (RESTRICT) assay for measuring antiretroviral drug levels was recently published in ACS Sensors!

The RESTRICT assay is inspired by the mechanism of action of antiretroviral drugs and infers drugs levels from the extent of DNA synthesis by HIV reverse transcriptase enzyme (see figure above). RESTRICT is a user-friendly and inexpensive way for rapid (< 1 hour) measurement of long-term drug levels for people receiving medication for HIV treatment or prevention. The RESTRICT assay could be a useful for patients and healthcare providers to measure drug levels during a typical visit and receive feedback that might help to prevent treatment failure.

The manuscript is now available online on the ACS Sensors webpage here: https://doi.org/10.1021/acssensors.9b02198. A PDF is also available on our publications page here: http://posner.uw.edu/publications/.